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Dreaming of Travel?
Consider These 6 Travel Trends for 2021

Have you found yourself dreaming of travel more and more? If so, you’re not alone. Dreaming about travel is a daily occurrence for me! And now with the great news of a COVID-19 vaccine on the way, it is likely we will be able to start traveling again in the second half of next year. With that in mind, I wanted to revisit what I think the top travel trends are for 2021.

A few months ago, at the beginning of this pandemic, I wrote a post about how I think we will travel after the Coronavirus. While I still believe many of those examples remain true, there are a few new trends that have emerged that I also think will reflect how we travel and what is most important to us when we do hit the road.

So are you curious to know more? Keep reading to find out what I think the top 6 travel trends are for 2021.

Short Term Home Rentals & Single-Residence Hotel Accommodations

One of the biggest travel trends that emerged during the pandemic that will continue in 2021 is the popularity of single-home and single-residence accommodations. Personally, I know that I will feel safer staying in a house or individual accommodation at a hotel versus a massive resort property because I want to control how many people I’m around as well as the cleanliness of my surroundings. I have a hunch that even after the vaccine has been widely distributed, many people will still feel more comfortable with this type of accommodation as well, especially while we are still feeling the residual effects of the pandemic.

The good news is that we will have more options when it comes to these kinds of accommodations. Not only can you choose from thousands of properties on Airbnb and VRBO, but hotels are also providing single-residence accommodations. One example is Antrim Streamside, a hotel that is made up of individual cabins on acres of land in Livingston Manor, in the Catskills. My husband and I stayed there during the height of the pandemic and felt 100% safe and comfortable. Other national hotels with individual villas and/or cottages include Hidden Pond in Kennebunk, Maine, Blackberry Farm & Blackberry Mountain in Walland, Tennessee, the Ranch at Rock Creek in Big Sky, Montana, and Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona.


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